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  [图文]书单推荐:最适合在旅游路上读的书          【字体:
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Consider picking up "The Great Gatsby" if you're going to The Hamptons in New York.


"The Great Gatsby" is filled with luxurious parties. Amazon


Although the "West Egg" and "East Egg" in the classic novel more greatly resemble the Great-Neck and Port-Washington peninsulas on Long Island, F. Scott Fitzgerald is believed to have been inspired by The Hamptons when crafting this book.


Set in the Jazz Age, the book's decadence, hot summers, and longing for past lovers make it a great companion for pool hopping, charcuterie eating, and luxury shopping in The Hamptons.


charcuterie[?ɑr,kj?t?'ri]: n. 熟食店;猪肉店;熟肉



As you're traveling around Amsterdam, read "The Fault in Our Stars."


There's also a film version of this book. Amazon


Previously adapted into a film in 2014, John Green's story of star-crossed teenagers famously includes a trip to Amsterdam. The Anne Frank House and The Rijksmuseum are two of many major destinations mentioned in the book.


Plus, the bench from the film adaption of this novel has even become its own tourist spot.


star-crossed: adj. 不幸的;运气不好的;倒霉的



Bring "One Hundred Years of Solitude" to read in South America.


The book is set in South America. Amazon


A significant work of literature, Gabriel García Márquez's classic follows generations of the Buendía family as they live in their South-American town. García Márquez's magical realism paired with his lush descriptions make the book a perfect read for visiting some of the breathtaking sights of South America.




For an enhanced experience, read "Where’d You Go Bernadette?" in Seattle, Washington.


The book talks about some landmarks in Seattle. Amazon


Maria Semple's novel, which has recently been adapted into a movie, is told in emails, transcripts, and stories. It follows Bee Branch trying to track down her agoraphobic architect mother Bernadette Fox.


Set in Seattle, Washington, this hilarious yet heart-wrenching novel is a great companion as you visit landmarks mentioned in the book, such as the Space Needle's restaurant.


agoraphobic[,?ɡ?r?'fob?k]: adj. 恐旷症的;恐惧陌生环境的



"Call Me by Your Name" by André Aciman should perhaps be read in the summertime, in Italy.


The novel is set in part of Italy. Amazon


André Aciman's novel is said to take place in the Northern-Italian seaside region of Liguria. And if you've seen the 2017 coming-of-age film adaptation of the book, you'll already know the story depicts beautiful summers in Northern Italy, complete with seaside encounters and lush greenery.




If you're visiting New York City, enter the mind of Holden Caulfield.


The book mentions plenty of NYC landmarks. Penguin Books


"The Catcher in the Rye" is a classic tale of a lost teenager's unplanned trip to New York City. In the JD-Salinger novel, Holden visits a nightclub in the East Village, goes ice skating in Rockefeller Center, and takes his sister to the Central Park Zoo.



"Midnight's Children" is a fantastical novel that illuminates some of the histories of India.


The book features plenty of magical elements. Amazon


Salman Rushdie's story begins at midnight, on the night of India's independence, when the 1,001 children born that hour are found to possess magical powers. Featuring lush imagery and magical realism, the book is set during 20th-century India.




Haruki Murakami’s "1Q84" is a dystopian adventure that’s perfect for the plane ride to Japan.


It's a dystopian novel. Amazon


Famed Japanese author Haruki Murakami creates an alternate 1984 called 1Q84 where nothing feels right and everything is slightly different. Set in Tokyo, Japan, this dystopian, mystery-filled fantasy novel is sure to keep you captivated during your trip.




"The Elegance of the Hedgehog" is excellent reading for a trip to Paris.


The book is set in the center of Paris. Amazon


Before sauntering down the Champs-élysées, open Muriel Barbery's novel for a delightful peek into the lives of wealthy Parisians. Set in an upscale French apartment building, the story follows two unlikely people who discover they are kindred souls.


saunter['s?nt?]: vi. 闲逛;漫步

upscale['?pske?l]: adj. 高消费阶层的,高档的

kindred['k?ndr?d]: adj. 同类的;类似的,相关的




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